"The day when you pick up a guitar there's nothing coming through whatsoever. There's no new pieces or new ideas. And that's the sort of gift any creative person has. There's always that point when it might happen to you, when you're too old to pick the guitar up. And we're just trying to keep that day far, far away, and out of sight. " - Jimmy Page
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I've been playing guitar for almost 9 years but no matter what I do, I just can't play the barre F (or any barre chords actually..) I have really tiny hands, I can play notes on the e string but only just, do you have any advice?

You can always do the alternative version of a barre chord, but I’ll see what I can say to help you figure the actual barre chord. Try applying more pressure between your index and thumb on the neck of the guitar. It’s probably gonna hurt, but as I’ve said before, to not throw out your wrist in doing so. If it starts hurting, stop and take a break. I have small hands too, and that’s just what really helped me to get there. I mean it is gonna hurt for a bit, but you should start getting used to it. Just for the sake of trying, you could try practicing them with a capo higher up on the neck of the guitar since the frets are closer together. Another strategy I’ve heard is to place your fingers on the frets (2,3, and 4) then eventually work up to putting 1 down to bar the fret.

If none of that works, there is an alternate way to playing barre chords (you still have to use your finger but to hold down two strings instead of 6)
I use it this shape usually when my fingers get tired, and the great thing is it’s obv gonna work for every and any barre chord you can’t play.

I’ve seen a lot of guitarists like Privettricker (I love that guy) use this same shape and it generally sounds the same (and if you already have been using this shape, it’s okay!! I envy people who use it because I hate barre chords but can hardly do this…)
Throwing a little music/guitar theory in it, it works the same for the parallel minor (without the 2nd finger), the 4th major and it’s parallel minor as long as you keep your 1st finger in place…I love lookin at it. Just looks so fancy…

Anyway, I hope this was helpful to you, and as always, if you have any more questions, or need me to clarify anything, the ask box is always open, and I’ll answer as soon as I can

hey, I was wondering would you rather have a Limited Edition Les Paul Custom Pro Epiphone or a Schecter.... I listen to A7x, Alter Bridge, Pantera, Nirvana, etc. but I want a well rounded guitar n I went from a yamaha to an Epiphone but I was thinking of getting a schecter cause the epiphone I have can't really, (idk how to say it) "support" the gain n distortion, I have a Marshal MG30, n an amazing foot pedal but Idk if I wanna exchange it... PLZ helppp

Believe it or not, you stumped me because I’m not at all familiar with Schecter (but yours truly shall educate herself) BUT I do have an answer for you because I went and got my friend’s opinion (he’s been playing for 7 years so he knows)
He says: “I would say schecter. Despite popular belief, Schecter Guitar Research focuses on all genres and not just metal. Schecters can support any genre and sound great such as jazz, classic rock, blues, metal, and so forth. A schecter is well-rounded and if you  must, look for one with a coil tap”
He tunes my guitar sometimes when I don’t feel like so I’ll say take his word. I trust the dude:) if anything I agree, I have an epiphone and I feel it doesn’t do much justice for gain and distortion either. So yeah, try out the Schecter, see how it warms up on ya

Our people also say, try changing the amp

Hola guys! I’m gonna be making some more problem things sometime this week (if you sent in a submission it’s not been ignored. school is a thing for all of us, and I like to have a lot before I start making them to queue) so if you have any submissions/problems/things/asks anything!! send them in
also I’ll make the tips with them so those can post more frequently

I apologize for my slack, but I’m gonna get on it, I promise

It's the mission impossible song done by lick n riff on youtube, he doesn't slide as such he does something called tapping? (I think) whereby he plays the 15th fret on the high e string with only his right hand, I don't really know how he holds down the note whilst also strumming it (if that's how it's done)

OOOH OKAY I SEE okay haha (that guy was really cool omg)
Okay, I understand better, but yeah, it’s fingerstyle so he wasn’t exactly strumming per say, but he was picking with his thumb the bass line while he tapped. So, you really have no choice but to tap the note if that’s how it’s supposed to be, and I promise it isn’t as hard as you think!! Tapping has to do with like the sustain (sustain is life, man) you get from plucking a string, in fact, you don’t even need to pluck the string to get sustain like when he hit the strings at the beginning the impact created sustain. Knowing how to tap is a really good skill, great for parties, and I think it’ll make learning this song easier so I found a video and this guy explains the essentials of tapping
Eddie Van Halen was really famous for tapping like Randy Rhoads but I mean those are the scary guys. It should be no different than using your pinky (because I hate using my pinky and I’d rather tap lol), and I think once you pick it up the song’ll be easier for you, and you’ll have tons of fun playing it

If you need me to clarify anything else really feel free to ask!! I don’t have any problem with trying to help:)

Hey so I am mainly a metal/ rock player, although I occasionally wander. I'm thinking of switching to D'Addario strings from Ernie ball and wanted to know which type of strings from their selection would best suit that kinda style. I have a mahogany/maple bodied guitar with EMGs and a rosewood board

I might get like a third opinion from my friend who’s been playing for longer than I have (I’ll make another post if necessary), but I’ve used D’Addario on my classical guitar, and they were really nice. So, from doing a little research, (and pending on how much you wanna spend on strings) I’ve seen that they’re XL prosteels are really good for the style you want, and ofc. gauge has a lot to do with your sound. I also think D’Addario delivers a brighter, rich sound.
"D’Addario XL ProSteels utilize an exclusive corrosion-resistant steel alloy that delivers super-bright tone without shrill overtones. They offer a palette of harmonically rich, brilliantly penetrating highs combined with pronounced, tight-and-tough lows. If you’re looking for more crunch, bite, and sustain, ProSteels are the choice for you." from this page you might wanna check out
Also here’s a video comparing Ernie Ball and D’Addario (it starts on the comparison, but it has some info at the beginning and end if you wanna read it:)

I really hope this was helpful, and if you have anymore questions, or need me to clear some things for you def. leave an ask and I’ll try my best to help!!

Do you have any tips for how to do improv jazz solos? I'm having a lot of trouble with it. So far I just use notes from the blues scale on the proper fret

OMG This question has to be my favorite because I wrote like an entire page of notes based on a video I watched a few years back. It’s for blues soloing however, but I think it applies
1. Learn licks (such as style, timing and accents) and songs/solos
2. Don’t play scales…
3. Finish a phrase like a sentence such as adding breaks. focus ending a lick on purpose (idk if you heard my cover War Pigs, but yeah that improv solo was a mess and a good example of what not to do lol)
4. Play on the beat (finish a lick on the beat)
5. Exploite chord changes (with good phrasing) ending a lick on the root (or in the chord…)
6. Mix minors and majors (i.e B.B King) with happy and sad licks
7. Use solo themes i.e different ideas for each solo
8. Play shorter solos
9. Sweat every note (every note matters)
10. Be IN the music by adding dynamics

Here’s a video specifically for Jazz solo tips

I really hope I was of some help, and if you have anymore questions the ask box is def. open!!

Sorry If you have already answered this but - I'm having trouble playing notes with one hand, for example if with one hand I need to play fret 3 on the low E string as well as fret 15 on the high E string..how do you do that? I've been trying to just slide very quickly but I know that there is a way of just playing notes with one hand, I'm just not sure how

It’s fine, I’m here to always answer stuff and make posts lol

So from what I understand you want to either slide from the 3rd fret on the e string so the 15th fret E string or you just want to play both notes really quickly
I actually took out my guitar and tried to do it (what song requires this omg) but it’s physically impossible to slide from the low e string to the high E string like unless you’re using a bottleneck or your entire finger so I suggest jumping from string to string. I mean I’ve been soloing for a bit, and what I do when I have long stretches like that (The Unplugged version of the Layla solo by Eric Clapton has one jump from the 5th fret D string to 13th fret E string and I just jump).
Just practice it slow is all I can really suggest maybe just with your middle finger on the low e 3rd fret, don’t let your hand come up too far off the fret board and attack the E string on the 15th fret. In fact don’t be so extreme at first. Take it easy do 3rd fret e string to 3rd fret E, then 3rd fret e to 4th fret E etc…
Idk I think jumping like that just comes in feeling the rhythm and soloing like in the Layla example. Check out the way this guy does it. It isn’t v smooth, but it’s something.

I hope I was of some help, and if you feel like I could be clearer definitely feel free to ask, I love helping; you guys don’t know:D

I'm having trouble with the G chord(320033). I'm trying to play "Time of Your Life," but when I try to play a G chord, it's dull and it lacks brightness. I don't know what's wrong, could you give me suggestions?

-Sorry it took me a bit to reply

Hmm, is it just that cord? It could be that your hand is slanted. Make sure it’s straight and that all your fingers are positioned between the frets on every note your fretting. You might be dulling out the sound with your palm as well. Just try straightening your wrist when you play the G, make sure you’re using the proper fingering. And if anything try the simplified version of it (320003) see how it works

I hope this helped, and as always, if you need anymore help, or for me to clear things up my ask box is always open! and I’ll try to answer ASAP ofc