"The day when you pick up a guitar there's nothing coming through whatsoever. There's no new pieces or new ideas. And that's the sort of gift any creative person has. There's always that point when it might happen to you, when you're too old to pick the guitar up. And we're just trying to keep that day far, far away, and out of sight. " - Jimmy Page
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Hi, I’m sorry the blog has been a little dormant, but I’m back for the next few days.
If as many people can send in submissions, I will totally make them more consecutively.
Thanks for nearly 400 problems and things!! Keep on playing guys!!

In relation to the person asking about strap height, try gauging it on how long their arm is and set the waist of the guitar a little below the elbow, and believe it or not playing with a strap has to be practiced or you'll never get used to it :P

^^^ thank you

Hey, I'm having trouble playing electric standing up. I'm not sure how to explain it exactly but I can't seem to find a comfortable position where I can actually play properly. Any advice?

Sorry I took forever to answer omg

I hope I can still help, but I understand what you mean. I had the same problem until I figured I have to play like a Beatle to play standing up, and I’ll explain what I mean.

The way you hold your guitar and where you hold it is really important, and sometimes depends on height because of your arm length on whatever’s comfortable.
There are three places you can try holding your guitar.
You have the Beatle position, on or just below your chest, on your waist/stomach and finally low below your waist like Jimmy Page or Slash (which I find incredibly uncomfortable, but they look so chill)

So keep in mind it’s how high on yourself where you hold the guitar, and to what angle because Brian May holds his low on his waist, but it’s tilted up (I’ll try and add pictures, my computer is being a butt rn…)
You just need to see which combination works best for you

I hope I was helpful (even though I was super late, once again, I apologize) I’ll try to get pictures, but if you have any more questions, the ask box is always open, and I’ll try my best to help

Hey, I've been playing guitar for a bit more than a year, n when I play anything, my thumb bone starts hurting like hell, n then sometimes it doesn't, is that normal?? Btw I'm in my teens

I guess it is kind of normal for not having really played for a long time. From what I read, and know, you’re probably applying too much pressure to your thumb on the neck (assuming we’re talking about your fretting hand). I used to have the same problem from what I can remember usually and especially during barre chords. Either way, I recommend warming up before you start practicing or playing. We tend to overlook warm ups, but it could help. If you’re hurting, try warming up, and applying less pressure to your thumb. If it has anything to do with barre chords, take a break from doing those every once in a while.
You know, what? I do remember having that problem and mine was because of the way I had my hand positioned (warming up the right way will help you eventually), but yeah it was from having to stretch because I was learning new things, and I’d have to stop playing for like a day or hours because my thumb for some reason hurt, but it went away after a while because my hands got used to the stretches and what have you. It could be that, so it goes away.